WBA Playoff Changes coming in 2024 Tournament

The WBA board has received feedback from all participating league members and a major change will be coming to the WBA tournament for the 2024 tournament. Teams will be split into and A and B division based on population of participating teams. A total of 24 teams will participate in each divison for a total of 48 WBA teams. The semi-final weekend will have eight host sites with six teams particpating at each location.

The round-robin format will continue for the semifinal weekend of WBA baseball play. However, the second and final weekend will be a single elimination format.

  • The draftee ruled will be removed with the new 2024 WBA tournament format.
  • 24 Teams will particpate in A and B Division
  • Eight sites will host regionals
  • The A/B division last existed in 1967

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