Minutes of Wisconsin Baseball Association

2024 Annual Organizational Meeting

Present: Gary Isensee, Scott Sorenson, Chris LaBreche, Nicole Brannigan, Paul
Juza, Dan Kraschnewski, Tim Lee, Andy Niese, Jeremiah Paulson, Steve
Truttman (Directors); Steve Eder (Glidden), Forrest Schneider (Bay City),
Duane Ives, Byron King (Augusta), Ryan Bembnister (EC Cavs), Del
Zwifelhofer (Tilden), Blake Johnson (EC Bears), Callub Paulson (Haugen)

Time & Location: Sunday, April 7th, 11:30 AM, Sammy’s Pizza – Eau Claire

  1. Announcements
    No changes to board of directors. Jim Falls requested inclusion in “A” Division for 2024 and was
  2. Discussion
    Moved by Andy Niese and seconded by Nicole Brannigan to confirm a 2 division playoff system for 2024, 2025, and 2026. Motion passed 10-0.
    Moved by Dan Kraschnewski and seconded by Chris LaBreche to set regional and final hosting fee to
    $1, 000 per site. Motion passed 10-0.
    Moved by Nicole Brannigan and seconded by Gary Isensee to purchase individual player plaques for Most Valuable awards, Sportsmanship award, and players on the championship teams for A and B divisions. 1st and 2nd Place team trophies to be purchased for A and B divisions. Motion passed 10-0.
  3. Host Sites for 2024 WBA Tournament
    The following sites have been chosen to host the Wisconsin Baseball Association playoffs between
    August 9th through August 16th (Regionals) and August 16th through August 18th (Finals)…
Division ADivision B
Haugen Ball Park (Haugen Knights)Jan Krueger Mem. Field (Augusta Athletics)
Athletic Park – Merrill (Merrill Rangers)Glidden Ball Park (Glidden Orioles)
FNBRF Field – River Falls (RF Fighting Fish)Tannery Creek Park (Rib Lake / Interwald)
Rapids Area Sports Complex – (Rapids
TBD – Bob Young Field (Ellsworth)
FINALS – FNBRF Field (River Falls) FINALS – Whittlesey

WBA Seeding Meeting – Tuesday, August 6th – 7 PM – Sammy’s Pizza (site to be confirmed by April
19th—otherwise will be held at an alternate site in the Eau Claire / CF area.)

Rotation for State Finals is currently as follows (for “A” Division / Tier I):
2024 – St. Croix Valley
2025 – Independent
2026 – Dairyland
2027 – Mississippi Valley
2028 – Chippewa River
The proposed State Finals rotation (not finalized) for the “B” Division / Tier II:
2024 – Dairyland
2025 – Mississippi Valley
2026 – Chippewa River
2027 – St. Croix Valley
2028 – Independent

Meeting Adjourned at 1:30 PM.