What can WBA offer?

Some of the greatest memories associated with youth sports are not necessarily what happens on the field, but the friendships and associations that are made outside the lines. Friendships, sportsmanship, competition, and life experiences are all enhanced when you spend a week at a tournament with your team.
The excitement of baseball tournament play is an experience that everyone who plays and loves the game should have an opportunity to enjoy.

Unfortunately, many teams and individuals get left behind. This is due to several reasons…
(1) The league sanctioning body only takes one all-star team from each league, leaving other players and teams with no opportunity for post season play.
(2) The tournament sanctioning bodies hold qualifying tournaments that not everyone can travel to, or finish high enough in, to qualify for advancement.
World Baseball Association (WBA) wishes to offer the opportunity for all teams to enjoy the experience of baseball tournament play.

About the WBA

The World Baseball Association(WBA) provides the opportunity for any youth team (Ages 8-14) throughout the country to play more baseball! Playing in a WBA League, Sanctioned Tournament, Super Regional or making it to the Annual WBA World Series does not interfere with any affiliation your team may already have. WBA was founded in 2007 to provide more opportunities for teams to enjoy more time on the field.

How WBA Works

  • WBA is a sanctioning organization for youth baseball.
  • WBA offers regular and post-season play opportunities in all regions of the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii. WBA also provides OPEN tournaments for increased play nationwide.
  • Teams from outside the U.S. can also play WBA events. Teams outside the U.S. should contact the WBA Clubhouse at info@wbabaseball.org or by calling 1.888.WBA.2280.
  • WBA does not replace a team’s current league affiliation.
  • WBA does offer an opportunity for league teams that are left behind to have an opportunity for expanded and post season play.
  • WBA offers competition for three skill levels ages 8-12 and competition for two skill levels ages 13-14.
  • WE DON’T JUDGE! The WBA welcomes teams from ALL other league and tournament affiliations. It is not a conflict for teams to belong to WBA and another organizations at the same time. Further, and upon qualification or through WBA sanctioned tournaments the team can choose if they wish to attend the WBA Super Regional in the region of their choice.
  • Additionally, qualified teams from each Super Regional will win a berth to the WBA World Series.
  • To see more about our tournament schedules, simply click on (site under construction-please check back soon).